Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Canterbury Rugby Football Club raising money for wheelchairs with bike ride

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Canterbury Rugby Football Club are holding a ‘Canterbury Bike Ride’ to raise money for their wheelchair rugby facilities.

The club are the only place in Kent for people to try out Wheelchair Rugby.

Originally called ‘Murderball’, the sport combines elements of rugby, ice hockey and basketball into a full-contact, high-octane game.

Despite being one of the 25 nations around the world who play wheelchair rugby, there’s a lack of awareness of the sport in the UK, with less than 20 teams across England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

Club Manager Jonathan Marsh said he was inspired to make wheelchair rugby a part of his club ever since the 2012 Paralympic Games, where the UK came in fifth.

“We already have men’s rugby teams, women’s rugby teams, contact games in the winter, touch games in the summer; this just felt like a natural progression.”

The club has had a lot of support so far, including the expertise of Steve Brown, the captain of the UK Wheelchair Rugby team.

The club are hoping to use the money to buy four wheelchair rugby chairs; normal wheelchairs are too fragile, and specialised chairs, costing around £3-4,000 each, are needed.

The club would need another four to hold self-sufficient games. Right now, they have to borrow chairs from London clubs.

The club holds open wheelchair rugby sessions from 1-4pm every Sunday. There’s no charge, and anyone is free to come along and find out more about the sport, or even give it a try. As well as players and equipment, the club is also looking for mechanics to repair the chairs, and anyone interested in learning how to referee or coach the game.

The Canterbury Bike Ride is happening on Saturday, September 27. To find out more about it, canterburybikeride.co.uk click here

Article source: http://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/Rugby-league-Beverley-beat-fiery-Fenners/story-20330950-detail/story.html

Canterbury Rugby Football Club raising money for wheelchairs with bike ride

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