Thursday, 4 September 2014

Better Together takeover: Rugby star Kenny Logan warns against a divorce from ...

SCOTLAND’S an amazing country. When I trialled for Hearts and Dundee United as a boy, I dreamed of playing football for her.

Whenever I pulled on the Scottish rugby shirt, I couldn’t have been prouder.

No one can doubt my patriotism . I’m a Scot through and through.

But I’m also British. How I feel about Britain is how I feel about the British Lions.

Scots join with English, Welsh and Irish, and they all play for each other.

You can be proud of your home nation and proud of coming together too. There’s no contradiction.

What set the seal on this for me was getting married. Gabby represents everything that’s best about Britain.

Her dad played football for Wales and Gabby was a gymnast for Wales in the Commonwealth Games. But she lives in England and now she’s married to a Scotsman!

I don’t want our twins to have to choose between being Scottish or Welsh. I want them to be both. I want them to be British.

There’s nothing like having kids to make you see how damaging a divorce can be.


It’s always exciting to think about chucking things over and heading off on a new start.

But when you choose to walk out on your family, you are making a very serious decision.

You have to be sure you’re doing the right thing. There can be no turning back.

Over the past two months, I’ve sensed a real divide growing in Scotland. I’m worried, if there is a divorce, that it’s going to be messy. That’s why I hope there won’t be one.

You have to work at a relationship. We can fix things so everyone is happy. Scotland can have new powers but stay in the Union.

Alex Salmond has been First Minister for seven years. When he complains that things in Scotland aren’t as good as they should be, he’s basically running against his own record.

He’s like a man trying to sell a car who won’t let you test-drive it. You just have to trust him when he says it will go.

We’ve achieved amazing things in the UK. At a time when things are starting to look really dangerous elsewhere, our country is stable and peaceful.

It’s a place people from across the world want to come to. I’m keen to keep it that way.

We can continue to grow and be better together. That’s why I hope Scotland votes No .


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Better Together takeover: Rugby star Kenny Logan warns against a divorce from ...

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